Das Buch der Filme

Das Buch der Filme
Special edition
Along with Visconti and Rossellini, Fellini established the fame of Italian cinema. His subject is the life and dreams of ordinary folks, musicians, carnies, and clowns. Fellini biographer Tullio Kezich presents all 23 films, with texts, film stills, partly unpublished set photographs, and sketches by Fellini who was not only a master filmmaker but a gifted caricaturist.
Schirmer/Mosel. Edited by Tullio Kezich. Translated by Grit Fröhlich and Sophia Marzloff. 320 pages, more than 400 plates (mostly in colour), 25.5 x 31.5 cm, hardcover. English/German edition.

Fall 2022
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