Photographs from the Weimar Era

Photographs from the Weimar Era
People on trial was a popular topic for pressmen of the Weimar Republic: poverty-driven petty thefts, high-ranking Nazis, spectacular murder cases or art forgeries with prominent figures on the witness stand. Leo Rosenthal was a 1920s court reporter and photographer for Berlin newspapers, he escaped the Nazis and began a second career as a photographer at the United Nations in New York. This book presents Rosenthal’s court photographs from the Weimar era for the first time.
Schirmer/Mosel. Edited by Landesarchiv Berlin and Rechtsanwaltskammer Berlin. With texts by Bianca Welzing-Bräutigam, Janos Frecot and Bernd Weise. 160 pages, 99 duotone plates, 24 illustrations. Size: 21 x 26 cm, hardcover. English/German edition.
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Spring 2022
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