Saigoku - Auf Japans Pilgerweg der 33 Tempel

Saigoku - Auf Japans Pilgerweg der 33 Tempel
Photographs by Simone Sassen / 2nd edition
Saigoku, the “pilgrimage of the 33 temples”, is one of the most prominent pilgrimages in Japan. Doing it in different seasons, Cees Nooteboom and Simone Sassen created a splendid portrait of Japan far from bustling cities, of a natural world of silence and beauty that sets the mind at rest. German text.
SchirmerMosel Literatur. Translated from the Dutch by Helga van Beuningen. 200 pages, 159 colour and duotone plates. Size: 22 x 27 cm, hardcover. German edition.

Fall 2022
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