Meine Hühner und ich
erweiterte Mini-Ausgabe

Meine Hühner und ich<BR>erweiterte Mini-Ausgabe
On her Long Island farm, actress, filmmaker, and model Isabella Rossellini recently raised a group of heritage chickens. Fascinated by their physical changes and social pecking order, she asked portrait photographer Patrice Casanova to photograph the birds. In this funny, informative, and charming book she relates her chicken rearing adventure in drawings and comments of her own and Casanova’s portrait photographs.
Now available in an enhanced, reduced-size Easter basket edition.

Schirmer/Mosel. Texts and drawings by Isabella Rossellini. With photographs by Patrice Casanova. Translated from the English by Marion Kagerer. 128 pages, 132 ill. Size: 11.8 x 15.2 cm, hardcover. German edition.

Fall 2022
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