Unterwegs zu Leonardo

Unterwegs zu Leonardo
Our tribute to the 2006 Leonardo da Vinci year is an anthology with writings by and on Leonardo. Featuring essays by authors as diverse as Vasari, Goethe, Paul Valéry, Sigmund Freud, Sergej Eisenstein, Karl Jaspers, and Kenneth Clark, it is richly illustrated with Leonardo’s drawings and paintings, commented, of course, by renowned Leonardo experts. German text.
An anthology with texts by Leonardo da Vinci, Giovanni Paolo Lomazzo, Matteo Bandello, Giorgio Vasari, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Paul Valéry, Sergej Eisenstein, Karl Jaspers, Benedetto Croce, Marcel Merleau-Ponty, Carlo Emilio Gadda, André Chastel, Ludwig Heydenreich, Kenneth Clark, Leonid Batkin, Sigmund Freud and others
Schirmer/Mosel. Edited by Marianne Schneider. 192 pages, 25 colour plates. Size: 15,4 x 23 cm, hardcover.

Fall 2018
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