Frida Kahlo und Nickolas Muray
Ich werde Dich nie vergessen..

Frida Kahlo und Nickolas Muray<BR>Ich werde Dich nie vergessen..
In 1938 Frida Kahlo and New York celebrity photographer Nickolas Muray started a passionate affair. Having experimented with color from early on, Muray found his most colorful model in Frida. Our book, now in a low-price softcover reprint, presents a large selection of his photographs along with excerpts from the lovers' correspondence.
Schirmer/Mosel. Reprint. Edited by Salomon Grimberg. 120 pages, 56 colour and duotone plates, special softcover edition, 23 x 31,5 cm. German edition.

Fall 2021
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