Editing Society
Pub date: 09/2022

Editing Society<BR>Pub date: 09/2022
Presenting selected plates, their genesis, their social and political background, extant variants, and comparison works by fellow artists, Editing Society restructures August Sander’s People of the 20th Century and enables us to see it with fresh eyes.

Schirmer/Mosel. Ed by Florian Ebner and Gabriele Conrath-Scholl. With texts by Gabriele Conradt-Scholl, Florian Ebner, Olivier Lugon, Virginia Heckert, Katharina Sykora, Sonja Schnitzler, Katharina Täschner and Christian Joschke. Design: Philipp Arnold and Nicola Reiter. 216 pages, 72 duotone plates, 120 colour ill. 21.5 x 28.5 cm, softcover with jacket.

Pub date: September 2022

Fall 2022
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