Die große Geschichte der Photographie
Die Anfänge 1840-1920

Die große Geschichte der Photographie<BR>Die Anfänge 1840-1920
This new volume covering the beginnings of the medium (1840–1920) completes the comprehensive history of photography based on works from the New York Museum of Modern Art’s incomparable collection. The edition is available both as single volumes and as the entire trilogy in a slipcase.

Schirmer/Mosel. Ed. and with texts by Quentin Bajac, Lucy Gallun, Roxana Marcoci, Sarah Hermanson Meister and others. 392 pages, more than 350 colour and duotone plates. Size: 24 x 31 cm, hardcover. German edition.

Pub date: Wednesday 25 October, 2017.

Fall 2017
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